The Beginning of Valentines Day

The Beginning of Valentines Day

Different and inconsistent traditions are described in relation to the beginning of Valentines Day.

The start of Valentines Day is the Loop Kalia festival

The Beginning of Valentines Day
The Beginning of Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated in the form of a Roman festival, Looper Kaliya. During the festival, Roman men engraved the names of their friends’ girls on their shirts and exchanged gifts with them.

After some time, the gift of the couples persevered when Looper Kaliya was assigned to Christian Monk Valentine’s Day.

Mohammad Attaullah Siddiqui writes in his book Valentine’s Day, Historical and Social Analysis of Valentine’s Day in relation to St. Valentine:

There is no authentic reference to this, though an unnamed fiction goes on to say that in the third century CE there was a priest named Valentine who became the nun’s captive.

Since marriage was forbidden to monks and nuns in Christianity. So, one day, Valentine told him to celebrate his girlfriend, she was told in a dream that on February 14, such a day, even if a monk or nun had sex, it would not be considered a sin. The nuns believed in them and both of them did so passionately. In the tradition of the church, they were killed in the same way that they usually do.

Later, some celebrities started celebrating Valentine’s Day with their ‘Shaheed Mehraba’ status.

Christine’s confession of Valentine

Idolatry was common in ancient Rome. The Romans had condemned Pope Valentine for the conversion of idolatry to Christianity, but when the Romans accepted Christianity, they made it their observance by calling Pope Valentine’s death a martyr’s love, which later included all the ceremonies that are visible on Valentine’s Day today.

Valentine’s Crime Marriage

Its history is so similar to that of Christian monk Valentinus or Valentine that when the Roman king Claudius found it difficult to prepare an army for war, he discovered the reasons for it. Unable to leave the house and go to war, he banned the wedding, but in violation of the royal decree, Valentine not only organized a secret wedding but also began to tie people to the wedding.

When the king found out, he arrested Valentine and hanged him on February 14. People who got married on Valentine’s Day celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Greek giant garland

This day, February 14, is considered to be the holy day of the Roman goddess Yuno (who is the queen of the Greek goddesses and the goddess of women and marriage), while February 15 is the holy day of one of their gods, Lysius. According to the belief, Lesius was a wolf who breastfed babies who later became the founders of the city of Rome).

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